Hurdle Adversity: Amputate Fear and Embrace Your New Normal

presented by
John Register
Gulf War Army Veteran, a 4-time track and field all American,
and a 2-time Olympic trials qualifier

Do you want to gain more clarity in crises? Do you desire more control in uncertain times? Well, get rid of the perception that we overcome adversity and embrace the mindset that we create new normals.
John Register, Paralympic Silver Medalist, Gulf Veteran, and U.S. Department of State Sports Envoy, is a maximizer. Register was an elite world-class athlete and on his way to Officer Candidate School, when a training accident caused an above the knee amputation. This injury would cause many people to give up.Still, Register Hurdled the Adversity by amputating his fear and embracing his new reality. Through grit and determination, he went on to represent the United States at two-Paralympic Games, winning the silver medal in Sydney Australia.
John’s unique ability to help business leaders pinpoint what paralyzes employees and then move them beyond fear by developing a resolve to release action has inspired and transformed lives across four continents.
“It is all about building a championship mindset. You have to target the podium. If not, you will be just like everyone else.” John Register             


  • The 10 Power Words to overcome any obstacle to put into action immediately.
  • The framework to move from a defict mindset to an owner “new normal” mindset.
  • The ability to identify and overcome the most common hurdle to transformational results.
  • A     step-by-step process to shift from fear to freedom.

The adversity we think we have overcome is only a past reminder that we have lived through a traumatic experience. That moment passed. We must embrace the new normal mindset, which is not a destination, but a plateau to grow.

Hard times are going to come in our lives; how we control them is a direct reflection of our character.

Whether you are struggling to renew confidence in your sales team or implement effective inclusion programs, John Register delivers solutions for business teams to reach the medal podium.


July 15, 2020
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
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