How to Run Your Business So That Your Business Does Not Run You

Learning how to run your business so that your business does not run youis vital to leading a balanced, sane, peaceful, and healthy life. Sometimes,work life gets overwhelming that it seems like we do nothing else besides work,work, and work. How healthy are our family lives, community lives, and forsome, our church lives? That work life balance is vital for peace of mind,personal growth, and to finding joy.Howwe spend those first fewminutes of the morning, while we lie rolling in bed half awake, has atremendous effect on the rest of the day. How do youinvest those golden minutes every morning? What changes can we make, to dobetter? What are some of the daily habits that influential people practicebefore 10:00 am every morning? When should we say yes and when should we say noto screen time? Goal setting - how is that working for you? Join PreethiFernando for an inspirational as well as practical presentation on "How toRun your Business So That your business Does Not Run you." Preethi is theauthor of "17 Women Who Shook the World."


January 16, 2019
11:30 am
1:00 pm
Embassy Suites by Hilton Colorado Springs
7290 Commerce Center DrIve, Colorado Springs, CO 80919