Less Stress – More Success! Daily Planning and Habit Building!

presented by

Bob Anderson

President | Star Performance, Inc

Can you relate to these common issues?

o Feeling stressed because you are doing more work with less support

o Your “To Do” list is bigger on Friday than it was on Monday

o You are working harder than ever, but you feel that you are getting farther behind, missing details, and not hitting the goals that you need to hit

Well, you are not alone!



What this session will provide to you…

I. State the Stats

a. Understand the research that details why we are working at a 15% efficiency (again, you’re not alone)

b. The myth of the “hard worker” and the benefits of the “smart worker” (little actions, done consistently, generate the biggest results)

c. How 10 minutes a day, can gain you 5 weeks in productivity per year

II. Set the Stage

a. How to use a “list” that leads to leveraged confidence

b. How to determine what matters the most, prioritize your Must-Do’s and build a laser-like focus

c. How to schedule YOUR time… to control YOUR success

III. Sync the System

a. Introduction to the Less Stress – More Success Planner

b. Set goals, actions, and outcomes that you can measure and will improve your results (keeping score with yourself)

c. Special Offer: A 30-Day follow-up Zoom meeting to review the shared content and celebrate new successes!

November 17, 2022
11:30 am
12:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
Link will be sent upon registration