PowerPhrases for Silence Breakers

The #MeToo revolution is one of many current cultural communication-awakenings. The world yearns for conscious and honest conversation to break our cultural trances and propel us to aspire higher.    

When bullies try to silence, Silence Breakers speak. When manipulators go cheap, Silence Breakers go deep.  When the uninspired kill inspiration, Silence Breakers paint a more compelling vision. Silence Breakers won't let communication be defined by dominators and/or the lowest common denominators of our culture.   

Sometimes to find the gold, Silence Breakers willingly wade in to the mud. Sometimes to discover the light, Silence Breakers track the shadows. Silence Breakers shatter silences with graceful integrity. Silence Breakers transform the forces that would diminish them into empowering motivators.   

Malignant silences come in all shapes and sizes and can be hidden in unexpected places. To rock the right boats and voice our visions, we generate PowerPhrases and develop the lost skill of communication alchemy. To speak with authenticity and legitimacy, we flip our flops, parlay our peeves and convert our complaints into compelling aspirations and advocacy.    


In this session we will explore:

  • How to say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it
  • The role of trauma in keeping would-be Silence Breakers quiet
  • The difference between being victimized and victimhood
  • How to develop the art of Silence Breaking by starting small
  • How to flip negativity forward into visionary aspiration
  • How to "alchemize" the four dimensions of communication into a     compelling and coherent message
  • How to elevate raw and immature emotions into moving expressions of potent     influence
  • How to go from reactive to responsive communication
  • How to develop a communication practice to gradually develop the art of     boat-rocking

Something needs to be said. The world awaits your wisdom. Come join us for PowerPhrases for Silence Breakers.  

Here's a bonus for you! You will receive FREE copies of two of Meryl's most powerful books: PowerPhrases and SpeakStrong.

January 16, 2018
11:00 am
1:00 pm