FREE Zoom Mtg! Tech to Connect with Video: Building and Maintaining Meaningful (and Profitable) Relationships in an On-Screen World

presented by
Julie Holmes
Global Speaker,Inventor, Founder, Innovation Expert

You are on your devices all day.Those cat videos are pretty funny after all. But how do you connect on tech ifyou are a bit more camera shy than those kittens? 

Now more than ever you have to usetech to connect. Web meetings. Video voicemail. So many choices. Should youalways be on video? Should you use a green screen or your office as abackground? Can they hear you now? 

Knowing the answers to questionslike these (and those other millions of tech questions) will give you so muchconfidence you might just fly to LA and audition for TV! 

By the end of this session you willhave:

  • Immediate     tips you can put into action before you even leave the meeting
  • Best     practices so you know exactly what to be camera-ready
  • Useful     tools to shortcut your learning and make everyone else green (screen) with     envy!

Join Julie Holmes (tech and innovation expert, inventor, virtual/live speaker) as she shares with you howto effectively use video technology to build relationships. That’s right. Tech to Connect. She'll share what she has taught thousands of self-described non-techy people - the best of what she’s learned over her 25+ year technology career and masters in Communication. 

Finally, you will discover not only why video matters, but how you can use it to help your clients and organization get connected and stay that way. Get ready to UPGRADE YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS! 


May 20, 2020
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
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